Multi-vendor e-commerce platform

This is an e-commerce software solution for all your business needs.

Build your own e-commerce platform on your own hosting server with complete freedom.

Are you an entrepreneur?

Do you want to create an online platform where other shop owners or vendors can sell their products to customers by uploading them to your website? Just like all other reputed e-commerce companies like Daraj, are doing business in Bangladesh.

Then you need a powerful and full-featured online e-commerce software or website to easily manage all aspects of your multi-vendor online e-commerce business.

But creating such a website or online software is not easy at all, it is possible to create such software only after spending years and millions of dollars on developers or technical teams. As a result, running such an e-commerce business is very expensive and challenging. And the ready-made software currently available in the market is incomplete, fails to meet your business needs, and is too slow. You need customized e-commerce software that is specially designed for your organization, able to run on your own hosting server, and equipped with the latest web technologies that will put you ahead of the rest.

At KingCreator we have come up with a simple solution to this problem…

Our state-of-the-art, full-featured multivendor e-commerce software is easy-to-use and customizable to meet the needs of an e-commerce business organization from ordering products to delivery.

Multivendor e-commerce software

Manage your complete e-commerce business hassle-free with our multivendor e-commerce software built using today's latest technology. From product uploading to order acceptance and delivery through the warehouse as well as online payment, all the benefits are available in a single software.

So, with this software, you can start your full-fledged e-commerce business very quickly. District or upazila-based sales can be done, because of which you get the convenience of selling grocery products in addition to general products. Therefore, there is an opportunity to expand the business nationwide by providing each district or upazila-based vendor ship through this one software.

One software solution to all e-commerce problems

  • Can run on your own hosting server.
  • Powerful 3-tier admin panel.
  • Any kind of customization facility.
  • Benefits of using payment gateways.
  • Single Account Authentication System.
  • Fully Responsive Website.
  • Superfast website loading speed.
  • Available in both Bengali and English languages.
  • Facilitation of district/upazila-based product sales.
  • Guaranteed to receive all subsequent updated versions for free.
  • 24/7 efficient technical support.

The most effective and widely used framework for e-commerce applications is React JS, which is used by all major e-commerce websites like Daraj, Chaldal, and Picaboo. As a result, their website is able to load faster and is equally adept at providing a hassle-free eCommerce experience to the customer through an interactive user interface. As a result, these famous e-commerce companies in the country have been able to achieve success very quickly.

And so that your website does not lag the competition, we have used modern frameworks like React JS and other modern technologies in our software. As a result, your e-commerce website will be super-fast and complete with all the modern facilities of e-commerce. Which will help your business become a brand very quickly.

Simple Interface

Managing the website is as easy as water

Strong Security System

All information on the website will be safe

Full Customization

You can arrange the website as you like

SEO Friendly

You will get an organic SEO boost on the website

Payment Gateway

There is the facility of order confirmation through advanced payment on the website

Coupon System

Customers benefits from daily new offers and discounts

Warehouse Management

There is the facility of goods delivery in the warehouse system

Product Return Facility

The customer can return the product received in any problem

Product Ratings and Reviews

The customer can share his experience after purchasing the product

Order Tracking Facility

The customer will know the current status of the product after ordering


Notification System

Any information can be sent to the customer through notification

SMS Gateway

Various promotional SMS including OTP or mobile verification can be sent to the customer by sending SMS

User Control

You will have full control over any user

Area wise Sales

Any product can be sold in a specific district or upazila

Product Verification

You can verify any product of the vendor before publishing on the website

E-mail Gateway

E-mails can be sent directly from the website to the customer

Fully Mobile Responsive

As a result, it is equally usable on any device like a desktop, or smartphone.

WebView Android app is also available for free, so there is no additional cost for mobile app development separately.

Our multi-vendor e-commerce website is designed in such a way that you don't have to worry too much about technical issues and don't have to spend a lot of money on it. Leave the technical issues to our software and focus on your business. For that, we have designed our e-commerce website in such a way that this website can run properly on any type of device and you don't have to spend extra money on separate app development for your mobile.

Powerful Admin Panel

Our multi-vendor e-commerce website provides a single authentication admin panel. That means there is no need to use a separate portal or site for the admin panel and you will get access to everything including the admin panel, vendor admin, and warehouse admin using only one account.

From the advanced dynamic dashboard, you can see the status of the site at a glance and control everything with one click. Controlling everything on the website through the admin panel is as simple as water so you don't have to face any problems managing your website.

Decorate in your favorite colors.

You can decorate your website in any color of your choice. As a result, according to your brand color, your website will stand out from others.

Our website has the facility to use pre-made color templates of different colors. You can also customize your website with any other color of your choice, which will give your branding an added advantage and make your website stand out from other websites.

Lime Green

Red Orange

Orchid Purple

Sky Blue

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