Our main goal is to take Bangladesh one step further in technology by providing high-quality services in the IT sector.


Kingcreator is a Bangladeshi on-demand software company that started its journey in September 2013. However, the main activities of KingCreator started in 2020. One of the reasons behind the launch of KingCreator is to make the web and software development community strong in Bangladesh. Kingcreator is working to make a name for itself in the software industry of the country by providing high-quality web-based services as well as delivering high-quality digital services at an affordable price to the low-income people in Bangladesh.

At present, the demand for software and digital services has increased tremendously in Bangladesh and all over the world. The need of providing digital services has been realized by the government and non-government organizations and everyone is trying to provide their services by using technology. As a result, on the one hand, the provision of services is becoming easier and on the other hand, it is becoming possible to provide services to many people using a small number of manpower and resources. Due to that reason in our today's world, the demand for any kind of digital service such as website, web application, customized software, graphical content etcetera is increasing day by day.

Although the demand for digital services has increased significantly, it is unfortunate that the number of well-equipped digital or technological service providers in Bangladesh is extremely limited. In addition to that, most of the companies working in the IT sector are working only for their economical profit. Their main objective seems to make a high profit by utilizing this sector without providing quality services. 


So here at KingCreator, we strive all the time, to provide quality service to our customers and give them the right direction so that they can make the right decision in their personal or business field and get the highest digital service at an affordable price. 


What do we basically do?

We build computer software to suit your needs, as well as personal, business or e-commerce-based websites and IT consultancy as well as creating any kind of graphical content.

Customized Software

We create fully customized local, or cloud-based software. 

Website Development

Our skilled development team is always ready to provide you with advanced services. 

Graphics Design

Our Creative Graphics Designer team will create all the graphical content you need in the fastest time.

IT Consultation

We have a skilled IT support team to serve you 24/7.


30% Less Time


50% Cost Savings


100% Quality

You can take our consultation service for any of your technical needs free of cost. Our experienced consultation executives will call you directly to listen to your problem and will try to give you a suitable solution. Click on the button below to know the details or to book a consultancy service.